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COBRA 427 prototype CSX 2196

The following photos are of CSX2196, The 427 Cobra prototype. This car is also commonly referred to as "The Fliptop" and "The Turd". The body was attached to the chassis so the front and back sections would flip up, thus the name "flip top". The Fliptop was built to determine the feasibility of installing the FE series engine into the Cobra. The engine initially installed was an aluminum 390 engine with 58mm Webers. This was the engine used when CSX2196 was raced at Nassau. Later on, she was fitted with a NASCAR spec 427 sideoiler.The basic chassis was a 289 chassis complete with 3" main rails and transverse leaf springs. Of course the chassis was strengthened and modified to accept the big block FE engine. The entire body on the Fliptop was replaced with a lighter skin and is said to have a total weight of 1800lbs.
The Fliptop is currently owned by Rich Mason who continues to vintage race her to this day. She is now equipped with an aluminum Shelby 427.
LEFT: This photo shows the front end flipped open. There are too many details to point out here! You can see the modified footboxes, the 427 engine is setback quite a bit, custom headers, short full length windscreen, cooling louvers cut into the hood are, etc. As you can see, there is not much standard Cobra left in her, but thats the beauty of this car.
RIGHT: The interior is also totally custom. The instrument panel is setup similar to the 289 FIA, but is unique to the Fliptop. You can see the large transmission tunnel necessay to cover the setback 427 FE engine. The rollbar is forward braced like the 289 FIA's.
LEFT: This rear shot shows the entire rear clip is a seamless one piece unit. This necessitated cutting a hole for quick access to the fuel tank. Looking at the rearend just proves that the Fliptop was built for one purpose: To dominate every race she entered!
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All photos courtesy of Terry Krystofiak

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